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The Risks of Migrating to the Cloud
Organizations are migrating applications to the cloud or adopted a cloud first strategy. The motivations, strategies, and objectives behind migrating can be quite differing, from one organization to the next or even between different applications or workloads.

Moving assets and applications to the cloud comes with new risks of exposure. The dynamic nature of public cloud infrastructure and newer development and application architectures, while offering many benefits, can quickly turn into loss of control.

Join us for this web meetup where we will discuss:

What are the opportunities from migrating to the public cloud?
Which migration strategy should you adopt and what application architectures should be considered when moving to the cloud?
Where do my security responsibilities begin and my cloud provider’s responsibilities end in the public cloud?
Does moving to the cloud make my business more vulnerable to service disruption attacks?
How do I prevent application abuse from bad bots?
How can I reduce the amount of information and increase the efficiency of my security experts? Making their job attractive again!

Date: Tuesday, December 4th
Time: 2:00 PM UK time 
02:00 PM GMT
02:00 PM ET


Pascal Geenens
Security EMEA Evangelist
Jeff Curley
Sales Manager

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